Utah Transit Riders Union advocates for transit users statewide. We strive to make transit reliable, accessible, comfortable, efficient, and affordable for all—and to foster a transit-affirming culture.

UTRU welcomes people of all ages and from all social, cultural, and economic backgrounds who use public transit out of necessity, convenience, or for the common good. Together, we advocate for the best transit system — for today and for the future.


Utah Transit Riders Union recognizes that change is best effected by concerted effort and that concerted effort is obtained through principled choices. Choosing to invest effort in backing one proposal frequently necessitates bypassing others. A principled approach to prioritizing competing interests assures that our voice is unified and our efforts are multiplied.

The following Principles are the platform by which UTRU’s direction is guided. UTRU will attempt to focus the energies of the Union upon efforts that best represent its Principles. As is the case with all platforms it is a living document that can be amended as outlined in our bylaws.

We recognize that there are issues beyond the ones listed below — such as environmental stewardship and social justice — that dovetail with our overall mission, but are being adequately addressed by other organizations. To the extent practicable, we’ll work with such organizations as we further our shared goals.

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