Transit-Affirming Culture

A transit-affirming culture legitimizes transit and reinforces the dignity of the transit rider. In so doing, it greatly increases transit use and inoculates riders against the occasional inconveniences they bare. Put another way, transit affirmation grows and empowers a loyal user base.

Transit Affirmation:

• Avoids transit-shaming language and imagery in all of its communications.

• Uses architecture, design, and lighting to: inspire, delight, ennoble, and foster a feeling of comfort and safety.

• Builds transit amenities to last—and removes unused amenities quickly.

• Prioritizes education and way finding, ensuring that prospective and current riders have the knowledge needed to use and recommend transit with confidence.

• Plans, funds, and executes with the first and last mile in view.

• Prioritizes riders who have few or no other transit options.

• Recognizes the inherent dignity of all transit users.

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